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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The beginning

I've decided to join in on the blog parade and created my own!
You can expect rants about crazy professors and papers and tests, fun annecdotes about my life (and the stupid stuff I think about sometimes), stories about the munchkins I care for (they are always up to something), and probably more exciting things (to me, anyway...).

Characters to know:
Me (Julia)- college student, babysitter extraordinaire, crafty/artsy type, hypochondriac
P- the roomate, busily absorbed in her business classes
Miss E- my favorite 2-year-old, who I spend 2 days/week with
Rambo- E's big bro... age 5, not sure if he likes me or is indifferent, but we spend a lot of time together anyways
Dev- the other two's big sis- she spends a lot of time at school, so we don't get to hang much
A- my favorite 4-year-old back home, who I've loved and been babysitter to since he was 2-months-old
Rach- A's mommy, a friend, mentor, "big-sis" type to me
Ree- A's 1-year-old baby sis, not quite talking or walking (ie doesn't give me too many stories to tell)
there are more... and I will add as necessary


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