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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Summer is winding down...

I'm thinking I'll actually get back to blogging now that it's almost time for school to start.
It's been an interesting summer:

~my class went fine (not my fave subject, but I got a good grade and learned some stuff)

~my two newest charges were quite a bit of fun, E-I-E-I-O is now 18 months and his sister Sydalee just turned 3

~it's been fun watching 2 (and sometimes 3) children who are the same age, 15 months-18months over the time I've been with them, grow and develop over a couple months... they're very different- one very verbal and physically capable (E-I-E-I-O), another quieter and serious (but still loving and sweet) (Ree)... the third was a biter, and hair-puller, who wasn't terribly much fun to deal with (OllyOy, who I rarely cared for)

~the older kids I take care of have been great, A was being a bit of a pain early in the summer (something about 4 year-old boys...) but soon went back to his fantastic self! Sydalee is quite a trip. She's always happy to see me, but is such a busybody! That child is very concerned with everyone else's business. It's pretty cute to see her interact his her little bro- she calls him her baby (even though she's only 18 months older than him!)

~My last bunch of kids I saw not as frequently (occasional nights and weekend days)... I often refer to them as the triplets, but they're really 6-year-old (boy-girl) twins and their 5-year-old brother... Since they're only 14 months apart, they play nicely together most of the time. I really enjoyed these kids, even though the boys can be terrors sometimes. They've all learned that whoever talks/yells the loudest gets what s/he wants... which leads to them being VERY LOUD (and making Julia go crazy!)

~It's also been nice spending lots of time with my puppy (who's not really a puppy)... it'll be hard going back to school and leaving her.