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Monday, October 09, 2006

All work and no play...

Results in my still not getting very much done!
I think I might be coming down with the lovely illness that caused my time with Miss E on Friday to be cut short (oh the tears! the drama! God forbid I try to wake her up so we could go to the park- the place she's been asking to go to every day!). On the brightside, her sickliness allowed me the opportunity to go to Target (yay!) and spend the money I wasn't making from babysitting her.
If I keep writing about children's vocabulary development I think my head might explode! There are only so many things one can say about the topic. It seems pretty obvious to me that the quantity and quality of the language children are exposed to will influence their vocab. growth... so why am I on my fourth page of reading responses for this class? (which is my favorite class this semester, but this assignment blows!)
Perhaps I should move on to the party that is writing 8 pages about immigration and how it affects public education.

In other news... I took the job babysitting for baby Q. It wont start until next month, but I'm looking forward to it. His mom is super nice and it'll be great to hang out with the babe while she goes to class.

I cannot believe that this school gives us so many fake holidays off! Columbus was a murderer and an idiot (he didn't even realize that this wasn't India!)... we also get the day before Veteran's Day off- I can understand having off if it were actually Vet's Day (which falls on a Saturday this year), but the day before seems like they just wanted another long weekend (which I admit, is a nice thing to have)... The result of these fake Holidays is that Winter break starts later and the rearranging of our class schedule by having Tuesday become a Monday (in our little imaginary reality) which fucks things up for people who work or generally have lives outside this university!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Things that amuse/annoy me

~So last night I was watching tv, when a commercial came on for Booger King. They have a new burger called 'Shrooms and Swiss... WTF? Did they think it was funny? Or were they just clueless as to how bad that sounds?
~Why do they call them "hot water heaters"? If the water were already hot then it wouldn't need to be heated
~Lastly... why is it that my ears hurt like hell, but are not infected, but my throat is apparently quite inflamed and isn't bugging me at all? (I know that my ears hurt b/c of the post-nasal drip and blocked up eustacian tubes... but still)
~Ok, really lastly... Why do the directions on the heating pad tell you not to lie on it? Cause if you just drape it over the pain it hardly does a thing... I'm also really afraid that I'll fall asleep on it (which I use for my ears) and catch on fire- although I hope I'd wake up if my head were on fire!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back to School

I keep telling myself to write more... but I'm finally feeling settled back into school.
Classes are decent, I like most of them, but have one professor who makes me crazy!
It's been great being back with Miss E- she's turned into a bossy little three-year-old. She makes me laugh with her commands - the other day on the swings she said "take a picture" I told her I didn't have a camera, so she said "Mommy does. It's inside. Go get it." Umm, no! silly girl!
I got wet 3 times last week though. The boy was responsible for two of these incidents, and one was my fault. I suppose I should expect it when taking him to swim class- but he's old enough to know better. First- he dropped the hand-held shower thing (while it was still on), which got my leg/foot/shoe soaked! Then while he was in class, I took E to the bathroom. While helping her wash her hands, I leaned against the counter, only to discover it was very, very wet- thus the bottom of my shirt was wet. Then finally, while helping the boy get dressed after swimming he tried to kick his wet bathing suit off- which, of course, splashed me- including my face, the glasses were covered in water droplets! The irony of it all- it was pouring down rain all day, but I managed not to get wet at all in the rain, just inside the YMCA! Oh well- they made me smile in the car on the way home- they were so sweet passing a baggie of Nilla Wafers back and forth in their car/booster seats- being polite, and not hogging the cookies... I almost forgot about how wet I was... almost!