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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back to School

I keep telling myself to write more... but I'm finally feeling settled back into school.
Classes are decent, I like most of them, but have one professor who makes me crazy!
It's been great being back with Miss E- she's turned into a bossy little three-year-old. She makes me laugh with her commands - the other day on the swings she said "take a picture" I told her I didn't have a camera, so she said "Mommy does. It's inside. Go get it." Umm, no! silly girl!
I got wet 3 times last week though. The boy was responsible for two of these incidents, and one was my fault. I suppose I should expect it when taking him to swim class- but he's old enough to know better. First- he dropped the hand-held shower thing (while it was still on), which got my leg/foot/shoe soaked! Then while he was in class, I took E to the bathroom. While helping her wash her hands, I leaned against the counter, only to discover it was very, very wet- thus the bottom of my shirt was wet. Then finally, while helping the boy get dressed after swimming he tried to kick his wet bathing suit off- which, of course, splashed me- including my face, the glasses were covered in water droplets! The irony of it all- it was pouring down rain all day, but I managed not to get wet at all in the rain, just inside the YMCA! Oh well- they made me smile in the car on the way home- they were so sweet passing a baggie of Nilla Wafers back and forth in their car/booster seats- being polite, and not hogging the cookies... I almost forgot about how wet I was... almost!


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