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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Things that amuse/annoy me

~So last night I was watching tv, when a commercial came on for Booger King. They have a new burger called 'Shrooms and Swiss... WTF? Did they think it was funny? Or were they just clueless as to how bad that sounds?
~Why do they call them "hot water heaters"? If the water were already hot then it wouldn't need to be heated
~Lastly... why is it that my ears hurt like hell, but are not infected, but my throat is apparently quite inflamed and isn't bugging me at all? (I know that my ears hurt b/c of the post-nasal drip and blocked up eustacian tubes... but still)
~Ok, really lastly... Why do the directions on the heating pad tell you not to lie on it? Cause if you just drape it over the pain it hardly does a thing... I'm also really afraid that I'll fall asleep on it (which I use for my ears) and catch on fire- although I hope I'd wake up if my head were on fire!


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