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Thursday, January 11, 2007

School is ruining all my fun!

So I finished my semester and got reallllly good grades- I guess all that damn work was worth it... I don't think my GPA has ever been so high!

I've been home for 3 weeks now and I'm starting to miss Beantown and all my friends up there, plus I really miss my kids! Miss E and the siblings are such cuties- I've been showing off pictures of them to everyone here. I miss all my E stories- she's such a trip. All fall long we argued over everything: Apparently "boots" are not a kind of shoe, but only the name of the monkey on Dora the Explora ("No Ju-ya, boots not shoes, boots a muh-key!"). BTW, have I mentioned how much I hate D*ra? Ugh- I don't get it, if she doesn't know where the hell she's going then why does her mother let her wander around the jungle with a monkey (who only wheres boots) and a stupid fox trying to steal her stuff?

Holidays are fun- I love seeing all my cousins and aunts... I can't believe that the baby cousin is now 6 years old. I've of course had to do all the usual errands while home- doctors appointments, new glasses, DMV, shopping galore (which is mostly lots of fun!).

My pseudo New Year's Resolution is to try and blog a bit more (aka maybe once a week)... I'll be in the preschool a few days a week, plus with my Boston kiddos, so that should provide good stories worth remembering!


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