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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rite of passage?

I do believe I may be coming down with my first new preschool illness! Lucky me...
Maybe it's just exhaustion and soreness from being stuck in blocks on Monday for a loonnngggg time. My knees are so red from kneeling and crawling around at the kids' level. It may also be that the dining hall is trying (and succeeding) to poison me (I swear I'm not paranoid!).
Anyways... got nothing done today because of my icky-ness.
Tomorrow must be better, I will fake my way to health! Must write a paper, do laundry, work on Valentines, and read about 200 pages... all after spending 4 hours at Preschool. Wow, my life is fan-freekin-tastic.

Gosh- I sound like such a downer! I'll just cranky tonight, I'm sure a good night's sleep will fix my attitude problems.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I had fun playing in blocks today as part of one of my classes! Early Childhood rocks! [well, it does until you have to do something not fun like clean the playground when it's 10 degrees out!]

Preschool is kicking my ass. The kids are cute and smart and funny, but the teachers are so uptight and rigid and patronizing it makes me crazy. We have a script for doing everything! I feel like I'm acting in a play rather than teaching children. Oh well, I'll survive... and maybe even have a little fun.

Tomorrow is Miss E day, so that'll be fun. I love that kid so much! She is so funny in how she acts with me- she plays shy for the first 5-10 mins, then warms up and begins treating me like her slave or playmate or substitute mommy (only if mommy isn't around). After the library last week she kept thanking me for getting her the books (I think she might have thought I bought them for her...), she was so genuinely greatful- it was sooo sweet!

At the lie-bary...

I foolishly suggested E play with two boys around her age...

Miss E: I don't wanna play with boys
Me: You don't? Why not?
E: Because they not girls